Company Introduction


Unisemipower Co.,Ltd specializes in power semiconductor chip design, driver IC design, packaging and module design. Our product portfolio covers power transistor and other products. The company is headquartered in Shanghai and has a branch office in Shenzhen. With complete design capability, independent intellectual property rights and mature market channels, we can provide complete solutions in power electronics field, such as rectification, filtering, voltage conversion, voltage stabilization, inverters and other power devices, mobile phone chargers, secondary power supply

With the development of information and intelligent technology, new requirements have been put forward for energy system. With the help of material technology and microelectronics technology, more efficient and convenient energy system has become possible. At the same time, industrial agglomeration, technological accumulation and upgrading, as well as the help of national industry policy, will greatly accelerate the shifting process of microelectronics industry from the west to the east. As a professional company focusing on power device, driver ICs and power device packaging and module design, Unisemipower aims to grow into a high value provider of power device& chip-set and system solutions, giving customers and consumers with electronic products of reliability, performance and cost advantages.

As a new generation of innovative power semiconductor company, Unisemipower will firmly seize the development opportunity of semiconductor industry in China. Making full use of our advantages in design, marketing channel in mainstream equipment manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers, advanced semiconductor process, and years of technological accumulation and experience, we will continuously improve the quality of products and services. Our mission will always be to create value for customers.

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